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Energy Law Consultants

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About Us

We help find the hidden small print that is costing your business an unknown financial burden, to give your business a fighting chance to survive. Our diverse clients trust us to do just that, allowing them to focus on achieving personal and business success with peace of mind.”

We prioritize competence, honesty, and integrity in our profession.


Our Services

Restoring Business Equity: Energy Law Consultants partner with legal experts to uncover concealed fees and correct misrepresentations in energy contracts, safeguarding client interests and delivering financial justice.

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Business Energy Claims

The energy market underwent deregulation in 2000, this resulted in energy brokers emerging as Third Party Intermediaries, contracting for the main energy providers.

 It has become apparent that these broker contracts frequently included undisclosed commission fees, which were incorporated into the energy costs passed on to clients. Most commercial energy consumers have unknowingly been burdened with hidden fees on their energy bills.

These hidden broker fees can accumulate to become a substantial portion of the overall energy expenses, leaving business consumers responsible for expenses about which they had no prior knowledge.


Third Party Intermediaries, energy brokers must inform and reveal their commissions as mandated by regulatory bodies to promote openness, honesty, and fairness in energy transactions. This helps business customers know about any extra charges tied to their energy consumption, enabling them to choose their energy provider wisely, preventing conflicts of interest and possible misuse of authority by the broker

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Hidden Commissions

Energy brokers assist businesses in securing suitable business energy contracts on their behalf. They have a responsibility to diligently seek the most suitable and cost-effective deals while providing clear information about alternative suppliers.


However, regrettably, this doesn't consistently occur due to a significant lack of transparency in the industry.


Our expert panel members will investigate if your contract was acquired via an energy broker, evaluate if it was indeed mis-sold, and, if so, determine the different forms of mis-selling that might have taken place, ultimately confirm if your business has been a victim of energy mis-selling.


If you have been charged undisclosed fees by your energy broker and supplier, you might be eligible for compensation.


The solicitors from our expert member panel would be able to assist you in pursuing a potential energy mis-selling claim, and they operate on a No Win, No Fee basis, ensuring there is no financial risk to you.


Our Services

Energy Law Consultants work with our expert panel members who have a wealth of experience in this field. This expertise enables us to quickly determine if your energy bill has been incorrectly calculated and, if so, to recover the money owed to you.


Our process is simple and easy with minimal fuss. To initiate and process your claim, we only require a few pieces of information, the name of the energy provider/broker involved, energy provider/broker contracts or invoices, previous energy bills and anything else you deem important.


As soon as we obtain these few pieces of information, we will start off the investigation and our expert panel members will commence the assessment of your claim, handling interactions with the broker and supplier on your behalf. Throughout the process, they will provide you with regular updates on the status of your claim be able to address any queries you may have. We will assist you with any queries you may have all through your claim ensuring you have total peace of mind.

Let’s Work Together

Consulting with us carries no fee, but ill-informed choices could prove costly. Get in touch and let’s get your business the justice it needs.

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